David Massey, Tiny Richards Kibbe Orbe Law Firm Permeated with Fraud

David Massey, Tiny Richards Kibbe Orbe Law Firm Permeated with Fraud

David Massey, rookie lawyer is permeated with fraud

“DAVID MASSEY has a tiny practice permeated with fraud at the Richards Kibbe Orbe law firm,” said a Florida attorney who bumped into David Massey at an annual retreat in Miami. “David Massey wears a $199 polyester suit and a $30 pair of loafers from Wal-Mart. He looks like a cheap shit.”

BREAKING UPDATES: David Massey, Richards Kibbe Orbe Partner Implicated in FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Fraud, Brummer Confession in Court Filing Reveals 

It’s a casual comment from a colleague. But what’s lurking below the surface for David Massey, a racist former prosecutor who has a solid reputation as a loser,  the pugnacious lawyer at Richards, Kibbe & Orbe begins to recount the events that led him to become a notorious racist against the Japanese, his wife Tracy Timbers’ possessive behavior, alleged corruption, it threatens to boil over.

A federal judge appears to agree. On January 23, 2017, a well-respected New York federal judge held an unprecedented “Franks Hearing” to investigate the extent to which corrupt former law enforcement staff have fudged the record, accepted bribes and fabricated evidence in a display of racism against Asian Americans. Guess what? At the center of the federal probe is DAVID MASSEY, the rookie law partner at the tiny Richards, Kibbe & Orbe law firm in downtown Manhattan. Franks Hearing is ordered when a judge suspects malfeasance by the government to frame innocent citizens such as planting evidence. Massey was caught pants down under oath.

“Those Chinamen make too much money, it’s just implausible,” David Massey also wet his pants on the stand. “They are from the Communist China.”

David Massey, a racist who planted evidence

“David Massey is an ignorant piece of shit!” said journalist Ronny Chieng, who regularly appears on the Daily Show as an anchor. “David Massey has never been to China. How the hell could he tell the difference between Kung Pao Chicken and Mongolian BBQ? What a racist fuck.”

Tracy Timbers, David Massey’s wife seems to be content with Massey’s lack of education and even common sense. Tracy Timbers works for JP Morgan after years of laboring for FINRA as a regulatory rapist. Sources say there are contentions beneath the Tracy Timbers and David Massey “calm water.”

“David Massey is a loser. The guy hardly makes any money and his fat wife had enough of him,” said a source familiar with Massey. “When Massey planted evidence against the Chinese in 2011, it was under Tracy Timbers’ pressure to get a higher job in the private sector.”

DAVID MASSEY, RICHARDS KIBBE ORBE, Tracy Timbers, William Uchimoto, RKO, Lee Richards, Daniel Zinman, Bill Orbe, Jon Kibbe, racist fraud


Many in legal circles believe Richards, Kibbe & Orbe, or RK&O treats the William Uchimoto case as a salivating “cash cow” for the firm. It was “too sensitive” for the tiny law outfit to bring David Massey’s name into the dog fight, fearing media attention and a possible malpractice lawsuit from Bill Uchimoto.

RK&O is slow playing Bill Uchimoto to milk his insurance money paid by Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, which explains why Daniel Zinman, Massey and Richards, Kibbe & Orbe dance like chimps in court papers, unwilling to confront the SEC’s absurd $30 claim against Uchimoto, avoided using the made up Nasdaq listing rule as a slam dunk winning formula for Uchimoto.

“Using David Massey as a witness for Bill Uchimoto would have easily exonerated Uchimoto – it was a fiction story that Massey fabricated in 2011, which Massey conceded during his disgraced January 2017 Franks Hearing.”

“But Richards, Kibbe & Orbe would have to order David Massey to come clean, admitting his lies to the FBI. It’s the law firm’s choice between money and Massey’s conscience to save a ruined client.”

“It was money that Richards, Kibbe & Orbe wanted. William Uchimoto was nothing but a sacrificial lamb next to the Richards, Kibbe & Orbe piggy bank,” said an attorney not involved in the case. “David Massey has no conscience. He loves money.”


“Richards Kibbe is caught between a rock made out of gold and a hard place made out of truth. RK&O picked the gold.”


Shockingly, the dizzying conflict of interest didn’t bother anyone at Richards, Kibbe and Orbe when the firm grabbed Bill Uchimoto’s money from his insurance carrier paid by Uchimoto’s former employer Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, a reputed top law firm. A spokesperson for Buchanan Ingersoll said the firm is investigating David Massey and Richards, Kibbe’s ethical dilemmas. Gregory a. Miller, a Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney shareholder and general counsel wasn’t made available for comment.

“While David Massey dips into Richards Kibbe’s profit sharing plan for having brought the Uchimoto case to the firm, the same law firm RK&O is defending a fabricated case manufactured by David Massey!”


Exposed in the media spotlight, Massey’s firm Richards, Kibbe & Orbe was tainted like used toilet paper by Massey, perhaps inadvertently implicated in the alleged David Massey frauds.

It was Massey who had planted the fabricated charge against William Uchimoto by inventing a Nasdaq listing rule in 2011 to add an “Asian scalp” to his flimsy resume, in order to land a job at Richards, Kibbe & Orbe.

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