Timothy W Brown, The Brown Law Firm, The Obscure Oyster Bay Lawyers Are Total Frauds

Timothy W Brown, The Brown Law Firm, The Obscure Oyster Bay Lawyers Are Total Frauds

The Brown Law Firm, the hotbed of fraud

The Brown Law Firm, headed by an obscure ambulance chasing lawyer named TIMOTHY BROWN is a tiny place in Oyster Bay, New York. Sitting between a trash dumpster and a deserted house often used a a hideout for cocaine dealers, The Brown Law Firm is a name tainted with allegations of fraud.

The Brown Law Firm does have a unique business model: blackmail – lying to judges and making up empty threats against businesses to squeeze money. For years, The Brown Law Firm and the neutered rats behind the tiny outfit, TIMOTHY W BROWN, MATTHEW H LEE and ALEXANDER P MCBRIDE struggled to stay afloat, getting buried deep in credit card debts and multiple defaults on bank loans, according to public records.

Months behind paying the office rent, Timothy Brown induced two young beavers fresh out of law school named MATTHEW H LEE and ALEXANDER P MCBRIDE to join his one-man body shop named The Brown Law Firm.

With a small office the size of an Arkansas chicken house, The Brown Law Firm’s “headquarter” is an Oyster Bay strip mall next to two Vietnamese massage parlors and sex salons – surely happy endings for the money strapped TIMOTHY W BROWN, MATTHEW H LEE and ALEXANDER P MCBRIDE.



For more than three years, Timothy W Brown threatened 6D Global with fake allegations, exploiting the court by telling manufactured stories told by an obscure plaintiff named ALLAN SCOTT, a Las Vegas gambler and pimp who was twice caught with peddling sex, cocaine and whores on the streets of Vegas.

Unable to force 6D CEO Tejune Kang into paying a ransom, the flustered Timothy W Brown lashed out at Mr. Kang’s lawyer – the renowned litigator TOM FINI of CATAFAGO FINI located in the Empire State Building, accusing Mr. Fini of improper behavior.

Tom FINI, powerful litigator smokes The Brown Law Firm

TOM FINI was fired up and fought back in court filings.

“Tellingly, the attorney whose Section 14(a) was dismissed in Witchko was the same attorney here – [the notorious] Timothy Brown. The fact that the same attorney used the same faulty theory [and lies] to support a Section 14(a) claim only highlights the baseless nature of this action.” TOM FINI told the judge.

Debased, Timothy W Brown was in retreat, suffering from defeat after defeating in futile court motions across the nation. Grilled like a summer sausage, The Brown Law Firm’s entire law practice is a wagon of lies, fraud and extortion, court records revealed. The Brown Law Firm is nothing, but a tiny outfit centered around a heavily polluted swamp for cheap rent.

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In a typical blackmail fashion, Timothy Brown lumps together his two pion associates MATTHEW H LEE and ALEXANDER P MCBRIDE on the back of his pickup truck and left town in total disgrace.

ANDREW MORRION, a lawyer of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP who is familiar with TIMOTHY W BROWN hates the man in the gut. “TIMOTHY W BROWN or his bullshit THE BROWN LAW FIRM are total losers. They a total disgrace for the legal profession.”

For the citizens of Oyster Bay, celebration erupted. Many cheered the departure of TIMOTHY W BROWN and his loser law practice, leaving an indelible mark of permanent disgrace on a midget ambulance chaser.

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  1. Thomas Lee 10 July, 2019 at 03:54

    Tim Brown and Andrew Morrison. What filth and waste of humans. They should die and be eradicated from this planet.

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