Disgraced Gibson Dunn Lawyer MICHAEL HUSTON Implicated in Nasdaq Regulatory Rape

Disgraced Gibson Dunn Lawyer MICHAEL HUSTON Implicated in Nasdaq Regulatory Rape

Michael Huston, disgraced Gibson, Dunn lawyer implicated in Nasdaq rape charges

MICHAEL HUSTON, a Gibson Dunn newbie lawyer announced to the world, reasonably inferred from his own court filings: “You can rape me, my wife, my priest, my mother and my entire family as long as it’s within Nasdaq’s regulatory purview.” Michael Huston continued in court papers:”Nasdaq has well recognized absolute immunity when it deals with listing applicants and members.”

“You can rape me too! My wife and daughters as well,” said DOUGLAS COX, a Gibson Dunn & Crutcher lawyer and Huston’s supervisor whose comment was inferred from court papers.

“Nasdaq as an SRO, is entitled to absolute immunity, given the multiple precedents in the Second Circuit and other courts recognizing that immunity.” – that includes RAPE.

The Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher lawyers’ wild comments that encourage rape and abuses were gleaned from public records. The outrageous rape charges painted a troubling picture of shady lawyers – Michael Huston, Douglas Cox betray common sense and sell out their souls in exchange for money from the Nasdaq’s regulatory rapists – orchestrated by Nasdaq’s racy general counsel Ed Knight, Michael Emen, Gary Sundick and Nasdaq’s notorious Listing Qualifications Department, exposed in a Forbes story.


“Rape is permitted during Nasdaq listing,” suggested Michael Huston, Gibson Dunn

“SRO’s absolute immunity is analogous to sovereign immunity,” Michael Huston stated in public filings. [RAPING ME, MY WIFE, MY PRIESTS, MY GIRLS ARE JUST FINE]

“immunity protects an SRO not just from liability, but also from the burdens of litigation, including discovery. Absolute immunity protects regulators against the burden of diverting resources away from their public mission in order to respond to litigation,” said Huston, Douglas Cox in court.

“Is there any limit to Nasdaq’s absolute immunity?” investigative reporters asked.

“No!” Huston declined to comment further on the record and quickly walked away.

“Look, Nasdaq pays me to say whatever the hell they want me to say,” Michael Huston told a source. “Douglas Cox and I don’t give a fuck about anything else. We are lawyers!”

Nasdaq general counsel Ed Knight was happy to bribe Gibson Dunn’s Michael Huston, Douglas Cox for a legal cover relating to Nasdaq’s own regulatory abuses when Ed Knight was caught lying, cheating and stealing. Read more: ED KNIGHT, NASDAQ GENERAL COUNSEL CAUGHT IN RIGGING NASDAQ LISTING SCANDAL.

Gibson Dunn’s Douglas Cox has plenty of dirty laundry under his own skin. According to a report compiled by the Democraticunderground.com, DOUGLAS COX was caught “fudging his time sheets during his prior OLC tenure and someone brought a citizen’s suit against him for having done so.”

At press time, Michael Huston was implicated in another highly controversial event in Texas, where Huston defended a satanic temple that has put up a billboard chastising Christians. Read more:  GIBSON DUNN LAWYER SAYS TEXAS SATANIC TEMPLE SCARES BULLIES WITH BILLBOARDS FROM HELL.

“This Michael Huston lawyer is a sick man, what a dumb fuck,” said a source. “I feel bad for his wife and kids. That absolute immunity bs could get some serious media attention.”

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